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Felt making workshop with Bridlington Secondary School

This is part of the HAFNEY art project that I wrote about on 27th February. After a wee bit of backwards and forwards with the school, I went and did my felt making workshop with their A-Level art students today. We only had two hours, so it was pretty full on, but it was a fab session. There are only four students doing this module, so it was a lovely small group to work with and as I showed them the felt making process and the science behind how the strands of dyed wool fuse to become patterned fabric, we also chatted about what it’s like working in the creative industries, where they’re up to with their sketchbooks and about this project and the importance of art in hospitals.

They’ve each been working on ideas for pieces of artwork inspired by Bridlington, the same as I have. Their sketchbooks were all full of photos of Brid, artists they’re inspired by and some initial ideas for their final pieces of work (which will be displayed in the hospital). The pieces of felt fabric that each of them made today were all influenced in some way by work from their sketchbook; whether it’s the colours they’re hoping to use in their final piece, or playing with possible shapes and layouts. I thought they all worked really hard during the afternoon. As I said, we didn’t have loads of time.

And more than that, they were a really lovely group of young people, very communicative and a real pleasure to work with.

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