Candle Making Class

Today’s class is another one run through City of York Council and we were in the same space as the Soap making class of a fortnight ago; a cookery room in Huntington School.

Before my twelve learners arrived for the day I laid out each of their work spaces with moulds and equipment and arranged the central tables so that throughout the day folk could come to one spot to measure out and collect their waxes, wicks, fragrance chips and colour flakes for each candle.

The five candles on the menu today were:

Shaded dip dyed candle Pillar candle in disposable mould Candle in a Jar Colour chunk candle Christmas pudding candle

I started the session with some demos and explanations, talking the twelve attendees through what we’d be making and passing around their instruction booklets with recipes for the five candles included. Across the five candles that I’d selected for us to focus on there were quite a few different techniques to learn, meaning that in the future they’ll be able to tackle plenty more candles of their own invention.

It was a great session with occasional demos but mainly lots of ‘making’ time for the 12 attendees. Everyone made their five lovely candles, choosing their favourite colours and fragrances for each one, so no two folk took home the same batch. Most had time to create an extra couple too, using cupcake cases to create sweet little candles that used up spare wax from the day.

It was another brilliant group of really creative and enthusiastic individuals and a real pleasure to spend the day showing them this fun skill.

Next year’s candle making classes will include more outdoor themed candles, perfect for using in the garden. The class will take place on Saturday 6th May 2017 and once booking is open, it will be through the website.

If you'd like to see my full list of upcoming workshops, they can be seen by clicking here.

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