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Felted Vessel Workshop

Today I ran another wet felt making course up in the lovely workshop space above Knit and Stitch. This week’s class was Wet Felting bowls, vases and vessels. This three dimensional way of working the fibres is one of my favourite felting techniques and teaching it is great fun too.

Once everyone had decided whether to make a bowl or a vase and selected which colours they were going to use (this is one of the hardest bits, so many beautiful colours to choose from!) we started laying the fibres, working the felt and finally shaping the felt creations. It’s a great process and truly fascinating watching your work transform from strands of dyed sheeps wool to a solid, three dimensional structure. You can feel the surface of the felt change under your hands as the fibres felt together.

Everyone made beautiful pieces, all really different and really individual in lovely shapes and fantastic colours. Another fab, felting afternoon in York.

My next Felted Vases and Bowls workshop will be taking place on Saturday 4th March 2017. For more information, click here.

If you'd like to see my full list of upcoming workshops, they can be seen by clicking here.

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I send out updates, news and details of upcoming exhibitions every two or three months. I won't bombard you, but I'll keep you posted on what I'm getting up to.
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