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Needle Felted Easter Critters

As it’s warming up and starting to get nice and spring-y outside, I thought it would be fun to do an Easter themed class. And with Easter’s motifs of chicks and bunnies, what better medium than needle felting?

I was joined on Saturday by six wonderful, crafty ladies all keen to give needle felting a try, most of them for the first time. After a quick demo of techniques and methods, the group got started on each of their first projects. The options were a cute chick, a bunny, a bumble bee or an Easter egg (using a polystyrene egg as a base, a nice starting project).

There was a nice mixture of different critters and eggs from the group and before long we were ‘cooing’ over the various adorable creations that were forming.

It was a nice chatty session with plenty of tea and chuckling, the sound of nattering only occasionally broken by an accidental jab of needle felt in thumb or finger. Indeed, one attendee had to go as far as to request a plaster, but her only worry was that the wee bunny she was working on might get a speck of red on it.

By four o’clock there was a spring time menagerie around the table, with a couple of ‘work-in-progress’ critters tucked into bags to be finished later. Another lovely afternoon and hopefully six new felt enthusiasts unleashed in York!

I send out updates, news and details of upcoming exhibitions every two or three months. I won't bombard you, but I'll keep you posted on what I'm getting up to.
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