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Christmas Decoration Making workshop

Today’s workshop was another festive one, it was a Christmas Decoration Making session. I’ve been really looking forward to running this session and I arrived in Knit and Stitch really early to set up the materials, lay out each person’s kit for the day, put the mince pies and shortbread into wee bowls and arrange the examples I’d already made.

Everyone arrived and once settled with teas and coffees, started planning which decoration to make first. I’d prepared sheets with templates for each of the twelve examples on display, so as usual the first hurdle is having to make up your mind. Folk were soon cutting out their templates, choosing colours and getting ready to start sewing.

We mainly focused on blanket stitch with some bits of running stitch and a little chain stitch for decoration. Some folk were already confident with these stitches, some were completely new to it, but everyone made at least one decoration during the afternoon, all of which were gorgeous! And all seven ladies took their template sheets, sewing kits and extra felt home to complete more pieces afterwards. I’ve been delighted to receive emailed photos of pieces finished after the session which I always love.

It was a fab afternoon of crafting, chatting, laughing and showing people new skills; all my favourite things about running textile workshops, but with the added bonus of mince pies. What’s not to love?!

If you'd like to see my full list of upcoming workshops, they can be seen by clicking here.

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