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Betty's Birds

I am now officially one of Betty’s Birds. I’ve joined a team of crafty tutors around the UK leading creative workshops for hen parties and it’s so much fun. The session last weekend was an afternoon of making ‘flower crowns.’

The party consisted of eleven gorgeous hens from around the UK who had all congregated in York for the bride-to-be’s hen do. I got there nice and early to set up the workshop, a nice afternoon session of making flower crowns.

The flowers were all artificial (fear not any of you hay fever sufferers) and most had wire stems, so they’re super easy to work with, the colours look great and they even stand up pretty well to a night out in York afterwards (I’m told, I didn’t partake in the festivities of the evening of course!)It was a great fun session and all the ladies got really involved, with every single one of them making a beautiful crown. In any group of adults there’s always going to be one or two who have ‘craft fear.’ That horrible ‘I’m crap at anything creative’ embarrassment, but they got stuck into this session quite happily and, dare I say it, I even felt like we had them some way to converted by the end. I felt like a good time was had by all. And the feedback from the ladies afterwards was gorgeous. At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, here’s my favourite:

“Kat was fabulous! She was so bubbly and helpful and explained everything to us clearly and was happy to repeat anything and help anyone struggling!”

So if you or someone you know is looking for something fun and a bit different to do on a hen-do, have a peek at the Betty’s Birds website ( There’s loads of lovely workshops that they offer. I want someone in York to book the Unicorns or Mermaids workshop because I REALLY want to lead one of them!

I send out updates, news and details of upcoming exhibitions every two or three months. I won't bombard you, but I'll keep you posted on what I'm getting up to.
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