Soap making with the Osbaldwick Owls Out of School Club

In between my NCS work, I booked in various summer school art sessions, including a soap making day at the Osbaldwick Owls Out of School Club.

On Wednesday 17th August I packed up my little car to the rafters with moulds, dyes, aprons, soap base and tiny, adorable toys and set off for the session.

Working with 6 kids at a time (all between 4 and 9 years) I got everyone to select the colour they wanted to dye their soap, to smell all the fragrance oils and pick their favourite, choose a wee toy to hide in the soap and design a tag that would adorn their finished masterpiece. Several hours later, everyone had a lovely little cellophane wrapped soap in a myriad of jewel-bright colours, each with a little animal toy peeking through from the centre.

#soapmaking #kidsclub #workshops #artsandcrafts #craftsforkids #osbaldwickowls

I send out updates, news and details of upcoming exhibitions every two or three months. I won't bombard you, but I'll keep you posted on what I'm getting up to.
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